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Queen Victoria: Interesting Facts

Queen Victoria and Her Famous Passengers

Queen Victoria: Virtual Experience

Queen Victoria: Bridge Webcam

Video and Multimedia:

Queen Victoria in the Fincantieri Shipyard, Marghera, Venice under construction

Queen Victoria departs Venice, Italy on her delivery voyage to her homeport of Southampton 30th Nov 2007

Queen Victoria arrives in Southampton 7th Dec 2007 for the first time


Queen Victoria is named in Southampton 10th December 2007 by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

Queen Victoria sails on her maiden voyage 11th December 2007


Queen Victoria arrives in Rotterdam for the first time on maiden voyage 12th December 2007

Queen Victoria meets the QE2 for the first time in Rotterdam 12th December 2007

QE2 and the Queen Victoria meet for the first time in Rotterdam 12th December 2007

Queen Victoria in Hamburg for the first time on maiden voyage 18th December

Queen Victoria makes her maiden call at Las Palmas on the Canary Islands 30th Dec 2007

Queen Victoria and QE2 exchange whistle blasts as they depart Southampton
together on their World Cruises starting with a tandem crossing to New York 6th January 2008

Queen Victoria and QE2 depart Southampton together on their World Cruises 6th January 2008

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